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Question   Amazing
Pat has wonderful talent and amazing abilities. She made my wedding unforgettable and has taking candid photos of my family for years. I can never thank her enough.

- Wayne Bolden December 05, 2015

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Question   Beautiful!!
What amazing eye God has given you..to see the beauty in the big and the small. Thank you for all your prayers and blessings at our school! You remind me of His goodness, faithfulness..

- Unsil Kim September 05, 2014

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Question   MISS PAT
You're awesome Miss Pat! Sweet Pictures

- Sidra Singh  May 15, 2014

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Question   9th Native American Indian Powwow
As coordinator of the 9th Annual Powwow at the University of Maryland, I must say the photos taken by Patricia are unquestionable excellent! The photos captured the cultural flavor of the entire event - from beginning to end.

She is amazing:)

- Dottie Chicquelo December 17, 2013

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Question   Awesome!
Great work Pat!

- Josette Dingle November 18, 2013

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Question   Amazing
Your photos are amazing, I love them all especially the one of the dragon fly opening the flower.

- Michelle Harris August 31, 2013

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Question   God's Beauty
Mrs. B, thanks for sharing God's creation through your lens. It's a blessing to know and work with you.

- Leroy Hyson January 15, 2013

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Question   big cats
i love the pics of the big cats

- jay st.john November 01, 2010

  Answer Love It!!!

- john Smith  March 06, 2012

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Question   AMAZING
Momma! I am just passing through to tell you how amazing you are, your pictures are gorgeous and I know photgraphy is your joy. Continue to expand your talent in many different ways and I am here to support you til infinity. I love you

Your daughter.


- Michelle I August 15, 2010

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Question   : )
Beautiful as ALWAYS!

- Valerie Saunders July 13, 2010

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Question   awesome!
Patricia your work is amazing. I love the front pic of your website.

-  October 27, 2009

  Answer Thank you for visiting my site. Because of you and God all this has happen within a year. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and my Nikon.

- PATRICIA M. BENJAMIN  October 27, 2009

  Answer I'm so proud of you. Your work is amazing. You've come a long way in just a year.
fabulous !!!! You captue the essence of everytning you capture.

Gayle H. Komisar

- Gayle komisar  November 11, 2009

  Answer Pat I agree with Gayle these are awesome. I know God is Blessing you and HE will continue to Bless you. Look what HE has done within a year. Continue to do what HE has called you to do. These are wonderful.
God Bless Elouise

- Elouise Kelly  November 11, 2009

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